Women’s Cycling

We are looking for a woman or genderqueer cyclist to lead a peer women’s cycling club!

Interested in helping to lead rides + organize race weekends? Send us a loop via email!

Women’s Rides in the Pioneer Valley:

  • Pioneer Valley Ladies MTB Group – Local mountain bike rides with local ladies in the Pioneer Valley. Lotsa rides organized for all levels, with supportive and rad riders.
  • Western Mass Ladies Road Cycling – Public group for women road riders in West Mass, typically leaving from Valley Bike and Ski Works in Hadley. They have beginner-friendly, all levels ride as well as more intermediate/advanced/faster rides.

Daily Inspiration and that’s T

Ellen Noble

UMass Cycling alumn, Class of 2017, and tbh, our favorite cyclist. Ellen was 2nd at the 2017 UCI U23 Cyclocross World Champs, and is a 5x USA Cycling National Champion. A local to the Valley, if you meet her wear some shades cuz that smile is blinding. Her grit and background, is by itself, true inspiration. She races CX, MTB, and Road for pro team Trek Factory #hopthepatriarchy

Coryn Rivera

A former collegiate cyclist, graduating form Marian University, Rivera is currently the most dominant female United States cyclist on the world scene. She is the current USA Road Champion, and the holder of 72 national champion titles. Bih, wut. She is a proud Filipina/American cyclist who makes bike racing look effortless. She races professionally for Team Sunweb.

Marianne Vos

No one gets close to being the cycling goddess that Marrianne Vos is. World Champion in Road. World Champion in Cyclocross. World Champion in Track. Olympic Champion. It only goes on. Do her feet touch the ground? probably not. To top it off, Vos is perhaps one of the greatest advocates for making cycling more accessible for women. She races for WaowDeals Pro Cycling Team #queen #thecannibal

Kate Courtney

Another collegiate cyclist, having graduated form Stanford University. At age 23, Kate Courtney is our XC MTB World Champion 2018. A true professional cyclist, she grew up in Marin County Cali , the birthplace of MTBing. We can only assume her DNA is little bike chains. She races for Specialized Bicycles Factory Racing Team.

Ayesha McGowan


“I have the goal of becoming the first African-American female pro road cyclist, ever.” There is no better inspiration than Ayesha McGowan and her pro cycling pursuit. Doubly, an amazing cycling advocate for riding at all levels. Every rider should carry a bit of her spirit in their jersey pockets. #aquickbrownfox

Sarah Sturm

Genuinely, the kindest person on a bike. Sarah Sturm is an artist on the bike, racing to a glorious National title in the SS CX event while wearing here lucky golden corset. Off the bike she is also an artist + designer. Sarah curenttly races for pro CX team, Specialized//TenSpeedHero.

Racing in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference

Women’s Cycling News (+ other #sparklewatts related topics)
  • Casquette “is an inspirational, intelligent and witty magazine that taps into the very special reasons why we all love cycling. Inside, you’ll find inspirational stories of the women who are out there doing it.” Whats great about this magazine is that it focuses on stories from real rad cyclists.
  • Ella Cycling TipsThis online magazine lets you learn why female cyclists ride and race. There’s also some great cycling tips, tech, and training notes. Maybe you’ve wanted to get into the Women’s Pro Tour? This is a great place to get the news.
  • Shred GirlsRooted in stoke, Shred Girls is a blog that discusses why everyone should be getting shreddy. Written by Molly Hurford (the last one on the right in the image below!), its a great blog that feels close to home and made for the local lady rider/racer.
  • Femme CyclistGet it straight. Women’s cycling is not a side-niche. This online blog is a great resource for learning more about all things bikes. Get some inspiration for your first cycling tour, or get stoked on mountain biking. A great resource for finding out about the women’s cycling industry.

Want to Race on a Team (other than UMass)?

  • BikeReg|Share Coffee – “We are an amateur women’s cycling team, focused on shredding corners and having fun.  100% of the team has roots in cyclocross, and we’re stoked to add in pavement. Our focus will be to grow and learn on the road in 2018, powered by the best coffee!”
  • Pedal Power Cycling Team – Pedal Power is a bicycle coaching group owned by certified coach and racing director, Sara Bresnick. Their cycling team is rooted in road, but now is a strong team in MTB and CX as well.
  • JAM Fund – The JAM Fund was created in 2003 by Jeremy Powers, Alec Donahue and Mukunda Feldman. Centered in the Pioneer Valley, JAM has seen countless UMass Cycling alumni pass through its ranks, most notably perhaps, Ellen Noble. With a wisp of mysticism, Al Donahue, team coach, has helped grow some of the best CX racers in the country, including current nat. champ, Stephen Hyde.
  • Northampton Cycling Club – Our Partner club is always active and putting on rides in the area! Monday Delta rides + Wednesday Book Mill rides usually attract a solid female contingent
  • Northampton Bicycles Team – You’ll know them when you see them, with their rainbow kits. LBS, Northampton Bikes is the home to a strongly advocated women’s bike team. Catch their Junior riders killing it out there on any type of course!