Club Trainers

Trainer Use Guide

CycleOps Hammer Smart Trainers:
  • CycleOps Hammer Smart Trainers can be paired with any virtual training program, or ridden on their own
  • There are six 11spd trainers + one 10spd trainer (Add. 10spd cassettes are in the box)

Trainer Set-Up:

  1. Remove your rear wheel
  2. Place dropouts directly on trainer, as you would an actual wheel
  3. If your dropouts are an abnormal size, use the adapters provided with the trainers
  4. Insert skewer in trainer as you would an actual wheel
  5. Plug trainer into power source via provided charger
  6. Trainers are bluetooth and ANT+ capable. Once plugged in, the trainer should pop up on training software, or bike any computer you are using.
  7.  Music stands can be used for propping up tablets/computers/smartphones.
  8.  After finishing workout, remove plugs and make sure trainer area is clean!


  • Zwift is a Virtual Cycling App, where you can ride or race with other cyclists.
  • Train (workouts included) and race with other teams in Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC), Northampton Cycling Club (NCC), or other UMass Cycling riders.
  • We recommend buying Zwift ($15/Month) for your personal devices (first 15mi free)
    • (Coming SPRING 2019) 7 Ipads + 3 Zwift accounts for club use

Zwift Set-Up:

  1. Create personal Zwift account + download app on device
  2. Launch Zwift and pair CycleOps Hammer Trainer (appears automatically – confirm trainer #)
  3. Choose: Ride Type (Workout / “Just Ride” / Join another Zwifter), Route, and then hit “RIDE”
Questions? Contact the club, or talk to a LDB dude