Laughing Dog Bicycles is a bike shop with a soul and insightful staff. And thank god for that. They have been our club bike shop since 1984, when LDB was called Bicycle World Too. Stop by for professional bike work, buy a bike, peruse old relics, and possibly pet a dog or two.
Northampton Cycling Club is partnered with UMass Cycling Club to provide a broader cycling network for both UMass and NCC riders. NCC provide the region with weekly rides and community cycling advocacy, including many Junior Cycling events. See them on the roads and consider joining NCC! Or, come out to their premier road race, NCC Tour of the Hilltowns.
Northeast Solar has been a longtime sponsor of UMass Cycling Club. 
In fact they are committed to more than just sustainable energy, they’re committed to sustainable communities, donating 1% of their profits to community groups. They are Pioneer Valley’s award-winning solar installer, helping hundreds of homeowners, farmers, and businesses realize their solar dreams, with customer centered staff who are committed to their sustainable mission.
We are excited to welcome our new sponsor, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union! 
Their credit union takes care to make decisions in the interests of their members, and their community. 
“Community-driven, member focused, and dedicated to bringing you the best banking experience.” 
Become a stakeholder in UMassFive today, and take a look at their Bicycle Loan Program to finance that N+1 you’ve been eyeing! https://www.umassfive.coop/…/lo…/sustainability/bicycle-loan
BikeReg, part of AthleteReg, is your premier online bike event registration service. 
BikeReg is, by our accounts, a UMass Cycling business, owned and operated by countless club alumni like Steve Roszko, Ross Krause, and Uri Halevi. 
They just recently became the Official Registration Partner for USA Cycling! 
If you ride bikes, you know that BikeReg is the goldmine for planning out your race calendar, or scoping out that next gravel ride.

Another year of being pampered in Vittoria Industries swag! Vittoria Industries are the top producer of premium bicycle tires for all types of bikes. It’s hard to explain why our team is so damn fast, but we have to give a lot of credit to those slick Vittoria tires. Look no further for an immediate performance boost, than a pair of Vittoria Corsa Tires. 

Check it out, the man who can grill up one wicked cycling kit and can answer all of your clothing questions. We started working with Drew Gonyer this year to help us produce clothing and merch that would fit in with the off kilter world of collegiate cycling, while making us look as fast and pro as a UCI peloton team. Check out more of Drew’s work and hit him up at: https://www.instagram.com/drewgonyer/
Get ready for some killer water bottles, neck gaiters, and sweatshirts we have been working on with him!
Wrapping it up for our 2019 sponsors is Scorpion Bike Wheels, by Tony Branco. Based in New Bedford, and producing bombproof products, Tony is dubbed a “fanatic” when it comes to handcrafting the perfect wheel. And when you are riding and racing on those treacherous New England roads, you want nothing but the strong consistent performance from those two circles between you and the road. We are stoked to be riding Scorpion Bike Wheels for the 2019 season!

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