The UMass Cycling Legacy

Like any other student run organization, UMass Cycling is always changing year to year. We have more iterations than the leadership of Spooky Bikes. But since our humble beginnings in 1973, we have remained as one of the most established, and successful, Collegiate Cycling Clubs in the nation. We owe everything to our club predecessors who built this team. And a special thanks to Laughing Dog Bicycles + Parker for all of his support through the years.


This club has churned out some butter over the years. Many UMass Cycling alumni have gone on to devote their lives to bikes, and even race on the world stage:

Ellen Noble – Class of 2017

Probably the strongest female athlete you’ll ever meet. Ellen was 2nd at the 2017 UCI Cyclocross World Champs, and is a 5x USA Cycling National Champion. A local to the Valley, if you meet her wear some shades, cuz that smile is blinding. She races for pro team Trek Factory Racing #hopthepatriarchy

Jeremy Durrin – Class of 2010

Our former President, Jermey has gone on to race professionally for Optum Cycling and Neon Velo, a GB cycling team he co-ran with his wife Gabby. We are #blessed to know the guy, which is why we are withholding some  scandalous club photos of him.

Adam Myerson – Class of 1993(?)

Adam Myerson: a controversial figure, but also, one of UMass Cycling’s most important individuals. Thanks to Myerson’s work building the club up in the 90’s, including hosting the first UCI Cyclocross event in North America on Orchard Hill, and cofounding Northampton Cycling Club, UMass Cycling is now thriving in the cycling mecca of the Pioneer Valley. Myerson owns and coaches at Cycle-Smart Coaching.

Peter Vollers (Owner) – Vermont Overland
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Mike Zanconato (Owner) – Zanconato Bicycles 
Uri Halevi (Account Manager) – AthleteReg
Steve Brandt (Owner) – Steve the Bike Guy Velo Studio
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Ken Avery (VP Marketing) – Vittoria Tires
Greg Swinand (Rider) – Holder of Irish Hour Record
Ross Krause (CEO) – AthleteReg
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Marty Walsh (Owner) – Geekhouse Bikes
Steve Rozsko  (Founder)  –  AthleteReg
Clay Harper (Event Director)– FOX US Open of MTBing
Keith Burgoyne (Rider) – Zanconato|Mad Alchemy
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Justin Lindine (Rider) – Apex/NBX Cycling Team 
Patrick Brady (Owner) – Red Kite Prayer Bike Magazine
Scott Yarosh (Manager) – Northampton Bicycle

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